Database of Peruvians residing in Chile (43,000 Contacts.)

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Total guarantee, if the database has less than 70% contactability, we replace the data.

By launch , we will update the database that you buy monthly for 6 months!

Databases taken from reliable and official sources, public domain data collected by our team.


Database of people, high quality data especially for cold calling campaigns or email marketing campaigns, increase your sales with new contacts

Data it contains the database:

  • RUT
  • NAME
  • SEX

Companies such as DUOC UC, RICOH, CAPEL, MAPFRE... have bought our databases

Take advantage of this database, save time searching for contacts, we already have the data you need at an unbeatable value, the best option between value and quality. Do not miss this opportunity to generate more clients for your business, increase your community, subscribers and sales!

We guarantee our SME databases, if it has a bounce rate greater than 20% we replace the data, if you are not satisfied and the circumstances allow it, we will refund your money.


    Frequent questions

    What can I get with a Database?

    With our Databases you will be able to work on E-Mail Marketing or Telephone Prospecting campaigns. Imagine if only 1% of them turned into new customers. It's not bad, don't you think?

    What information will my Database include?

    It depends on each Database. You will find this information in the detail of each base. At a minimum it includes, Company Name, Category/Segment, Region and Contact Information.

    In what Format will I receive my Database?

    All the databases are delivered in an Excel file so that you can easily manipulate them or export them to other formats commonly used by vendors, telephone operators or CMR platforms.

    How did you get the information from your Database?

    All the data has been obtained from public access websites such as social networks, forums or online portals. All this in harmony with the current Law on the privacy of information in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

    How do you check the quality of Emails?

    All email accounts are verified with our technological partner, this is responsible for detecting incorrect email accounts, eliminating spam trap emails and inactive emails.

    My Email campaign received more than 20% bounce.

    Our email base is verified every 3 months and it is normal that during this period, some of them stop working. But do not worry. If your campaign receives more than 20% bounce and you are within the first 30 days after your purchase, we will replace the failed emails.

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